Rui Pedro Mota

Rui was born on Saint Peter’s day, in the “hot summer” of 1975. The Sun has always been a daily inspiration and Muhammad Ali stands out as a reference for his fighter’s nature. He graduated in Architecture from Oporto Lusíada University and he has developed his career as an architect in several areas: hospitality and tourism, healthcare and business centres. His 4-year-old twin daughters say he builds homes for the airplanes. Airport structures are his expertise. In 2010, Rui was part of an international consortium in Lisbon’s New Airport project, with a capacity for 45 million passengers in 900 ha. His first internationalisation occurred in 2014, when he participated in the renovation of Pinto Martins International Airport, one of the busiest in Brazil, with an area of 130,000.00 m2. Rui’s talents are creativity, resilience and dissatisfaction towards the achievement of his goals. In 2016, he embraces his biggest personal and career challenge: to create an architecture icon in one of the world’s most recent countries, with an unique history, the Oe-Cusse International Airport, in East Timor, with a capacity for 1 million people in 8,500.00 m2. The beach, family, friends and a good football game make his days.

Rui Pedro is Founder & Head of Architecture.

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