Ricardo Nunes

There were already 16 Portuguese Rugby Champions by the year Ricardo Nunes was born. Yet, he was far from imagining the impact of this sport in his personal and professional growth. As a child he had only one fixed idea: to become an architect. At the age of 18 he was a founder member of the first rugby team in Setúbal, the town where he grew up and played for 8 years. Simultaneously, Ricardo got into the Architecture degree in Lusíada University, in Lisbon. Participating in the reconstruction of two municipalities and two churches in Faial Island (Azores), after the earthquake of 1998, highlighted his career kick-off. Over 15 years of activity enabled him to become experienced in every project phase, from design to works coordination, in several sectors: Hospitality, Industry, Education, Housing and Services. Ricardo has strengthened his international experience with projects in Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and recently (2015-16) in East Timor, where he was consultant for the construction of Oe-Cusse International Airport. Commitment, an eye for details, flexibility, leadership skills, mediation ability in HR and project management are features that Ricardo has developed anchored in the motto “Wanting is empowering. Believing is winning”, by Tomaz Morais, Rugby XV Portuguese team coach. He strongly believes that he can always do more and even better. Cliché aside he assumes he would lay down his life for his children. And if the genie came out of the bottle to grant him a wish, Ricardo would not hesitate to ask for a beach with waves action to make his dream come true: “Life is better on boardshorts.”

Ricardo Nunes is Head of International Trade.


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