Ricardo António

The present Portuguese Constitution came into force and Ricardo Manuel David da Cruz António was born a few days later. His parents named him with two forenames and three surnames. As a child he looked forward to becoming a bit of everything from astronaut to rare stickers’ street vendor in Rossio. He graduated in Social and Cultural Communication. However, since early age he felt the urge to create social and environmental value, so he set off to Barcelona where he completed a master on Corporate Social Responsibility, Accounting and Social Audit. Meanwhile he worked in advertising, marketing, communication and college teaching, between Portugal, Angola and Brazil. Ricardo explains his job to children by saying that he makes companies where their parents work more successful while helping society and protecting nature. In other words, it is a win-win work making everybody happier. Persistent, positive and a natural born dreamer, he creates Ethical in 2011, committing himself to consulting and development of CSR projects. Sonae MC/Continente, Pfizer, Millenium BCP, Soares da Costa, Grupo Amorim, Daimler-Mercedes, Siemens, Nestlé and Beiersdorf are some of his clients. If he could ask for infinite wishes to come true he would share it with all the people on the light side of the force. His motto is “The best is yet to come”.

Ricardo António is Head of CSR Strategy.


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