Pedro Mota Vargas

He was born under the zodiac sign of Leo in the capital of Gothic style, Santarém. His parents gave in to names trend of the 1970’s, so Pedro joined thousands of his generation. He grew up with only two TV channels that caused evening family get-togethers. It was amid funny and well-written Brazilian soap operas that a certain character impacted on Pedro and from then onwards he got the hitch of creativity. He graduated on Marketing Management. The agency world awaited him: OgilvyOne, EuroRSCG, BBDO, Proximity and Brandia Central. He worked in Advertising, Relational Marketing, Design and Events in different areas such as: automobile, banking, energy, retailers, health, education and public sector. How to describe his work to a child? He plays with Lego bricks and uses colours and sizes according to people’s request. Pedro writes using the creativity of someone who loves a good laugh, he paints like someone who appreciates beauty and cooks with the appetite of someone who loves eating. He has received several national and international awards for over two decades of experience. He finds inspiration in people, collecting ideas, attitudes and values to improve himself as a human being. His motto is “You get what you give.”

Pedro is Founder & Head of Creativity.

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