Helena Rodrigues

Helena celebrates her anniversary on World’s Children Day. She was the fourth Helena in the family, but tradition of naming all newborn girls after that first name was broken when she became the mother of twins, Ema and Petra. From her perspective, it wouldn’t be fair that only one of them would continue the family custom. As a kid, although she barely knew what a business manager was, she set up a make-believe office with intercoms and she loved the bustle. However, it was her admiration for a Philosophy teacher that determined her academic education. Helena has a Masters in Marketing, specialized in Key Accounts Strategy and Management. She worked for 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry, developing management, consulting and marketing skills, among others. In 2013, she founded Think Strategic aiming to provide consulting services to different companies, ranging from financial to food industry areas: Edinteriores, Chefs Agency, FactorChave, Grupo Your, Merck, Abbott, ArtBooks and Herdade Vale da Rosa. Helena describes her work as helping people to build something of their own and demonstrating that it is possible to make money out of what you love to do. This accounts for her being invited to represent Women Presidents’ Org in Portugal. She strives everyday to draw a lesson from something not so good, being open-minded and positive. One of Einstein mottos inspires her: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Helena is Founder, CEO and CRO.


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