Filipe Andrade

A fireman, policeman and football player was lost but the world gained and architect. Filipe graduated in Architecture from Lisbon’s Lusíada University, influenced by his father and fascinated by the well-drawn house where he grew up. The pencil is indeed his favourite working tool. From the main projects Filipe collaborated with, he highlights the conversion of former Merck Sharp & Dohme facilities into Iberfar Pharmaceutical Industry S.A., in Queluz, in 2001, which represented his first intervention as full-time architect in a large scale and highly complex work. In 2005, the new Hospital in Braga represented the successful application of the public-private partnerships. In 2012, he points out the renovation and expansion of Pinto Martins International Airport, in Brazil. His life’s motto is to zigzag with smiling eyes, taking inspiration from the beauty, perfect tuning and complicity around him. Filipe hasn’t given up yet his dream to become an astronaut and to observe the world from the space.

Filipe Andrade is Head of Architecture.

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