Cristina Belo

Flight attendant or news reporter were her childhood dreams. It was written in the stars that she was passionate for letters. She graduated in Languages and Modern Literatures, post-graduating in Translation, and she completed a traineeship in the European Parliament in Luxembourg. Her passion for communication and storytelling led her to work as a journalist for 14 years in Cofina Media. She developed professional skills and hands-on experience in leadership, budget management, brand awareness and credibility. Cristina made people happier wherever she went. In 2013, she returned to university to post-graduate on Trends Studies, aiming to understand mentalities and consumers’ behavior, in order to generate innovation and competitive benefits to organizations. Today she combines her know-how with strategy thinking to promote a distinctive digital communication. Believing that nobody runs into each other by chance, she is always available to help others, finding inspiration in each person. Yoga&Stories is her side project straight from the heart, where she promotes a deeper physical and emotional connection in families through yoga practice and storytelling. She strongly defends that the most important thing in life is to be rather than to have. And as a motto she trusts that when everything is finished something much better will always happen afterwards.

Cristina is Head of New Media

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