Cláudia Ferreira

Cláudia hasn’t been named after the royalty like her brother and sister, but she earned the title of princess being the youngest of the family. She graduated from Oporto’s Art School (ESAP) and she post-graduated in Property Management. Her most rewarding works include the participation, in 2007, in the challenging transformation of an underground car parking into a three storey luxury spa in Porto Palácio Congress Hotel & Spa, in Oporto; and the interior restyling of Casa da Música’s restaurant represented a demanding project in a building worldwide known as an architecture reference. In 2008, the conversion of the former textile factory Asa into the main centre of activities of Guimarães, European Capital of Culture, preserving the original building’s charisma. In her hands lies a stimulating project, Sika Towers Accra Hotel, in Ghana, founded in a non-existent concept. It is coming about as inspiration flows in the paper. Cláudia gives a break to her feet firmly on the ground when she indulges in two of her talents: dancing and improvising. Carpe diem until the day she fulfils her dream of being an actress.

Cláudia is Executive Architect.

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