Andreia Varela

As a child she dreamt of becoming a vet due to her love for animals. She ended up graduating in Sociology, though she never worked in the field. Andreia has always found inspiration in her twin sister, Ana, for her positive attitude, smiling and waving day by day. For six years she was in charge of managing a learning and recreation centre in Loulé. From education area she went to managing web development projects, parameter settings and customers’ training. Experience and daily challenges in a field constantly changing led Andreia to set up her own company, Colour Invasion, focused on web development and management, mobile apps, e-commerce, web design and digital strategy. Other talents such as drawing and confectionery joined together to an entrepreneur spirit and a great willingness to start a family business with the women in her life, her sister and her mother. The project Aqui Há Gata was born. Andreia admits being a workaholic, although she found in padel the perfect sport to take off from her daily challenges. And since her passion for cats and dogs was never neglected she aims to found an association to provide shelter to abandoned animals.

Andreia is Head of Digital.

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