Andreia Lago

Andreia loved adventure and mystery books and she aspired to investigate crimes. Being a detective or a lawyer was her childhood dream. Her talent to express herself easily along with the passion for communicating called all the shots and Andreia became a journalist, after graduating in Social and Cultural Communication by Catholic University. The post graduation on Judicial Journalism might explain her early craving for CSI. She worked for nine years in radio production and journalism and she contributed to newspapers, magazines and TV as well as to communication consultancy. At European Public Space, Andreia was in charge of communication and organization of cultural, economical and social events, under the European Union programs, in partnership with the European Parliament and the European Commission.  In her everyday she gets inspiration from people with nerve, people who fondly take care of others and who are always available to others. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” (Confucius) is one Andreia’s favorite quotes encouraging her to do what she loves. The list includes simply doing nothing such as idling in her slippers in the couch watching non-stop TV series. Be aware of her daily prescription: a praise a day keeps the doctor away.

Andreia is Head of Public Relations.

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