At AllBy (we work in partnership with Expegy ensuring) we ensure a wide strategic consulting, focused on your business sustainability and international expansion. We are supported by solid experience and an international network.

Financial and Economic Consulting

We make a detailed SWOT analysis of your business model in line with the strategy. We discuss and we prepare an action plan. We propose new solutions for old challenges.

Business Development

We ensure tailor-made support, anticipating challenges and opportunities, in order to enable more efficient performances and better results, always providing sustainability.


We have a solid field experience and an international network. We understand your business language, aiming at a successful expansion across borders under our guidance.

Process Engineering

We reorganize your company aiming at continuous improvement and process optimization. We deliver higher efficiency to your organization and team. Our goal is to maximize customer value and benefits while minimizing waste. We follow lean thinking and management.

Marketing Strategy

We combine all marketing goals in a comprehensive and strategic plan, in order to maximize profit potential and achieve sustainable competitive benefits. Market research and the right mix of products account for our solutions. We help defining the strategy for your product or service perception. We work on a unique and credible product placement.


Our modus operandi follows 5 stages:


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